New electronic services

Dear visitors, we are glad to inform you that new electronic services are available on the website of the State Committee of Real Property Cadastre of the Government of the Republic of Armenia designed for providing electronic services.

Online information

This new service allows making online requests for automatic provision of information from the cadastral database on those real property units which are an object of any right having been registered in 2013.

The identification of real property units under the request is made by means of the number of the certificate of registration of any right to the property registered in 2013. In order to identify the property unit you should enter the number of registration certificate as search criteria, after which, in case of successful identification, you can select the type of requested information.

The following three types of datasets are subject of the online request:

1. Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of real property units, including data on designated purpose, purpose of use, areas and cadastral values of land and buildings (net income of agricultural lands).

2. Registered rights including data on registered rights and right holders valid on the moment of provision of information.

3. Data used for calculation of the cadastral value of buildings: this dataset includes all data needed for calculation of the cadastral value of buildings.

Provision of digital cadastral map online

Users, registered on website from now on can make online requests and download digital cadastral maps of any part of the territory of the Republic of Armenia. The selection of the necessary area (part of the cadastral map) is made by marking the appropriate area on the electronic cadastral map, after which, having made the payment for the provision of information, the user may download the requested digital cadastral map.

It should be also noted, that two payment options of information provision fee are applied for this e-service: postpaid and prepaid.

In the first case the payment can be made after the request is submitted, but before downloading the cadastral map. In this case, after processing of the request, information on payable amount calculated according to the Article 73 of the RA Law "On state registration of rights to property" will be placed in the request data, and the download of the requested digital map will be possible only after online payment of the fee.

In case of prepaid option, the applicant can pay the fee before the generation of the request. If the amount of the payment exceeds the amount of the fee for the provision of information, the overpayment will be saved in the electronic system of the website by the name of the applicant and may be used for future payments. If the amount paid is less than the amount of the fee for the provision of information, then the applicant is notified on the difference to be paid and the data may be downloaded only after full payment.